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Mercedes-Benz.- el nacimiento de una estrella

Existen marcas de lujo que por su tradición o fantásticos logros ocupan un lugar en nuestras mentes, pero son realmente pocas las que son tan reconocidas y queridas como Mercedes-Benz. Hoy en día con sus más de 125 años de historia, está icónica marca es vista en el mundo automotriz como referente obligado de lujo, sofisticación, confianza y desempeño…

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BMW i3 wins Automotive Interiors Expo Award 2014

Munich. There are many facets to the sustainable character of the BMW i3. BMW i represents a prime example of “next premium”, the next generation of luxury headlined by the sustainability of its materials. The ambience this creates on board the BMW i3 can be experienced by the driver and passengers in considerable depth – and the international jury of experts for the Automotive Interiors Expo Award 2014 are now among its fans. The jury handed the electrically powered BMW i3 the title of Production Interior Vehicle Design of the Year. The third edition of these awards – which recognise exceptionally innovative concepts and solutions in the field of interior design – were held yesterday at the Automotive Interiors Expo in Stuttgart. The selection and use of materials is central to the BMW i brand’s all-embracing sustainability concept. This applies on a large scale to the use of carbon-fibre-reinforced plastic (CFRP) in the passenger cells of BMW i cars and also comes into play in many details of their interior design. The hallmark LifeDrive architecture creates new scope for optimising the use of space on board the car and for the design of the interior. The colour and trim concept includes extremely extensive use of renewable raw and recycled materials, as well as wood and leather surfaces treated using environmentally sound methods. The BMW i3 sets out to showcase...

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